Bee Facts + FAQs

Here are some common FAQs!

we need bees

Value of Bees as Pollinators

WORLDWIDE- All Pollinators combined provide an estimated value of $235- $577 Billion annually!


Annual Colony Losses

Every year Bee Informed Partnership collects data from all levels of beekeepers nationwide to provide interactive data regarding honey bee colony stressors and seasonal losses.

Read more at BIP


Bee Pests in Hawaii

Varroa destructor Mite- is the most damaging pest to the European Honey Bee worldwide.

First identified in the mainland in 1987, the mite made its way into Oahu in 2007 and Hawai'i Island by 2008. 63.1% of Hawaii reported colonies list varroa mites as the #1 stressor (2022 USDA NASS Survey)

How you can help bees and pollinators

How you can help bees

  • Eat local honey
  • Plant bee-friendly plants
  • Allow your grass and trees to flower before mowing/pruning
  • Join/support your local bee club! Here in Hawaii it's BIBA!
  • Raise bees

Bee-Friendly Plants

Advocacy Groups

  • Pollinator Partnership - Annual State of Hawaii Pollinator Proclamation (in partnership with yours truly and the Big Island Beekeepers Association!)

Get Informed on Bee Health

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